Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

Good Morning! I did some more ironing yesterday, and took a break and called a friend of mine. She suggested I take my fabric down to the dry cleaners and see if they would press it in their mangle, for cheap. So I just got back from there. HA! They charge $4.00 plus some for each piece of fabric, and I counted my fabric as it went into the bag I carried in, and I had 50+ pieces of cloth! So it is back to the ironing board for me! And now I know I can press about 4-5 pieces of cloth before I run out of water in my reservoir, so I'll be refilling that a lot. I'll have to buy several bottles of distilled water for just my iron. We have to buy it anyway, because we have one dog that has to drink distilled water only, for his bladder stones - to help prevent them - he has had two surgeries to remove them, and we've gone (knock on wood) a year now without any surgery so we are doing good. I take Sweetpea to the vet every 6 months and they do an ultrasound on his bladder to be sure he isn't forming any stones, and he is on a special diet (S/O from Hill's) to help prevent them, but he has to drink distilled water. And since we have 6 dogs, we can't keep a separate water dish for just him - none of them would understand that, so we have to give them a big water bowl and keep it filled with distilled water all the time.

But back to fabric and fun things. I got my Collage Lab book at Books-a-Million night before last, and now I don't know if I want to do the lessons in the book online in the group or just on my own. I am a member of the group who is doing each lesson, and helping each other through it. So I don't know whether to post that I now have my book, and what lesson are we on, or just go ahead and start at the beginning and do them one day at a time. Or every other day. Like I said last post, I am on a deadline with this Yosemite quilt. It has to be done by Oct. 8th, or I am in big trouble. So part of me wants to just work on the quilt until it is done, and THEN jump into the collage book, and do it on my own. I also have the book ArtEffects and there are labs to do in it, also, that look interesting. So I think I will take this time to look after the Yosemite quilt for now, getting it done, and then start the collage lab and the arteffects book for later. Yep, that is what I am going to do. So I'm off to start the ironing. I have a lawn and leaf bag for the fabric to sit in, and I pull out a piece of fabric, and iron it, and then set it in its color pile, and then get the next piece of fabric and do the same. Soon it will all be done, and then it is time to slice and dice. Bwaahaahaa. (sounds scary to me!)

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  1. Hi,
    Try dampening the fabric with a spray bottle and putting it in the fridge over night before ironing. It makes a world of difference!