Friday, August 20, 2010

Yosemite Quilt

Well, I have the sky done on the Yosemite quilt. I am now ready to add the mountains, and then I will take a picture of it, and post it. I had a time with ironing the fabrics - I had to ask my QuiltArt list for help in getting out all the wrinkles, and it turned out the best idea was for me to try using water with some white vinegar poured into it, and spritzed onto the fabric, and it worked! Nothing else worked as good. My fabrics came out as they off the bolt. Only softer. But that was a LOT of (gag gag) ironing. I have to make some half-square triangles now to fit the mountains against the sky, so I will probably do that first, and then fill in the mountains. One of my mountains has a shaded side, so it will be done with darker grays than the rest. I am excited to get to a place to do the mountains, because once the mountains are done, I only have the trees/forest-y part of the quilt to do and the rushing stream to do.

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